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For the changes you deserve

Professional hypnotherapy based in Buckfastleigh, Devon

For the changes you deserve

Professional hypnotherapy based in Buckfastleigh, Devon


Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

You’ve probably found my website because there’s something you want to change in your life. Perhaps you want to sleep better, manage stress or overcome anxiety? Maybe you’d like to feel more confident in social situations or at work? Are you trying to lose weight but struggling to achieve your goal?

Sadly, so many people suffer for years, never seeking help, not realising what a difference therapy can make – often in a short period of time. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of different conditions and issues.

If you feel ready to make positive changes hypnotherapy will empower you to take control of your life, discover your inner strengths and resources, achieve your goals and live life to the full. I’m here to help you make those changes.

Professional and Supportive

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist and BWRT practitioner offering a friendly and professional service from therapy rooms in Buckfastleigh, South Devon. I’m fully registered to practice and as a professional I’m committed to on-going training and supervision to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.  So you can expect a high level of guidance and support throughout your therapy.

I understand that asking for help is not always easy, so you can be assured of a sensitive and empathic approach.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about whether I may be able to help.  I feel passionate about supporting people to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.

If you’re ready to make lasting changes in your life I’m here to help you.

Bespoke Sessions

Your therapy begins with a free, confidential, 40 minute consultation. I will listen to what you need help with, and ask you questions to help me understand your problems. I’ll explain how I work, what to expect and how I think I can help. You’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions too, of course. I don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach, so the questions I ask help me to develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you. You are unique, so every session will be tailored to suit your unique and individual needs.

I’m committed to helping people improve their emotional and physical well-being with hypnotherapy, which ultimately leads to greater fulfilment. How can I help you change your life?

The Mind Spa

My hypnotherapy mind spa is designed to help you totally relax and switch off from the stress of daily life. I understand that not everyone wants, or needs, to commit to a course of therapy – yet everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy – it’s not just for problems! My hypnotherapy mind spa is a one-off session that will take you to a state of deep relaxation, completely rejuvenating for both mind and body, leaving you with a deep sense of inner peace and harmony. Ideal if you’d like a deeply relaxing experience either as a one-off treat or for regular relaxation. If you’re just curious about hypnotherapy this is the perfect introduction.

No consultation needed – simply book an appointment and I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to complete. Gift tokens are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes I am. I trained at the prestigious Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis and am listed under the college directory. I was awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, considered the gold standard in hypnotherapy qualifications. I’m a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and the CNHC.

As a professional I’m committed to on-going training and supervision to keep my skills and knowledge up to date. I’ve completed additional specialist hypnotherapy training in anxiety management, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, metaphor therapy, pain management and weight loss. I’m also a BWRT® practitioner and very excited to bring this rapid and dynamic therapy to Devon.

Hypnosis is an everyday experience that we’re all familiar with. Whenever you’re totally absorbed in reading a good book, driving on autopilot or even just day-dreaming, you’re experiencing a light state of hypnosis. The difference with hypnotherapy is that you are guided into hypnosis and the experience is deeper.

People often believe that hypnosis is a passive process, something that is done to you, but it actually requires your participation. Hypnosis is not like sleep, and you’re not unconscious; it’s similar to the state between sleep and full waking consciousness. Hypnosis is simply a state of focused inner absorption with a heightened sense of awareness.

Most people find hypnosis a very relaxing, calming and enjoyable experience. It’s common to have increased awareness of pleasant feelings and sensations in your body. Many experience a sense of comfortable heaviness, lightness or a floating sensation; although sometimes it feels just like relaxing or day dreaming with your eyes closed. While the majority of people are aware of and remember everything others will find they only have a vague memory of the session. Everyone is different and will experience hypnosis in their own unique way. Most people find hypnosis leaves them with a deep sense of inner peace and harmony.

Each session begins with some talking therapy – not all your time with me will be in hypnosis, though most of it will. I will help you to focus on what you want to achieve, to help you overcome the problems and challenges in your life. My aim is to help you achieve your goals as quickly and painlessly as possible – I don’t dig into the past unless absolutely necessary.

I will guide you in some simple imagination exercises to help you develop a relaxed inner focus. When you’re experiencing hypnosis your mind is more open and suggestible to positive new ideas and different ways of thinking, which then leads to new habits and behaviours. So I will guide you to imagine and mentally rehearse various scenarios and ideas to help you achieve the changes you’re aiming for. In addition to the work we do together, we’ll explore various techniques for you to use at home; for example practising self hypnosis and journaling.

Most clients will need between four and six sessions for effective change. Simple phobias may be resolved in fewer sessions, more complex issues may require longer.

It’s important to bear in mind that hypnosis is not something done to you. It’s a collaborative process in which the hypnotherapist is your guide and, using your imagination as suggested, you make it happen for yourself. Anyone who can understand and follow simple guidance can benefit from hypnotherapy. No-one can be hypnotised against their will, but if you’re ready for change and approach hypnotherapy with an open mind and a positive expectation, then you’ll definitely experience hypnosis.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help.

Some kind words about my work...

BWRT sessions with Samantha

I started going to BWRT sessions with Samantha at the start of the year - and I found the experience to be transformative! Samantha really helped me deal with lots of things that were causing me stress and anxiety in my life, as well dealing with some trauma I had suffered in the previous year from experiencing two miscarriages. What's really wonderful is that we were able to continue our sessions during the covid-19 lockdown online. I cannot recommend Samantha highly enough!

Newton Abbot
I would highly recommend BWRT

I completed a course of BWRT with Samantha Davey earlier this year, following many counselling and hypnotherapy sessions over the years with other therapists. The talking therapies have been helpful, however, I had reached a point where I didn't want to talk any more! I needed rapid, lasting results that meant I could move on with my life. After a detailed consultation, Samantha and I agreed that BWRT would be helpful. Her assessment was extremely detailed. I felt heard and understood throughout the process. The therapy is like nothing I have ever experienced! It is powerful and brings about significant, rapid change. Following therapy, I feel in control, empowered, energised and no longer haunted by past experiences that have held me back for so long. I would highly recommend has been life changing. Thank you!

Care, attention and patience

“I would like to thank you Samantha for your care, attention and patience shown to me over the course of my treatment. Thanks to the techniques used the stress related gastro-intestinal symptoms I tend to experience have markedly reduced and I feel much more balanced. Not only that but I have also come away with techniques which I can continue to use to help keep on top of things. It has been an interesting learning journey.”

Life Changing

“My experience with Samantha has been literally life changing. I cannot recommend or thank her enough. Unbeknown to me, a trauma, years back, had affected every part of my wellbeing. My confidence was low, anxiety and stress levels were high, and I was struggling with relationships. I also suffered with constant colds, headaches and digestive issues. Through a course of BWRT and hypnotherapy, amazingly a lot of these issues have significantly decreased. I can think about the initial trauma on a much more untroubled level. The practice of self-hypnosis is definitely an art that isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort.”

I would happily recommend

“Samantha is not only very professional but has a demeanor that is calm and intuitive, making a safe & relaxing environment. Samantha has helped me work through some deep-rooted stuff.
I would happily recommend.”

Help to overcome anxiety

“Samantha put me at ease straight away and explained everything that we were doing, which helped me feel more relaxed. I have had numerous therapies over the past 20 years, but I can honestly say that none of them have been as successful as the hypnotherapy. I would definitely recommend Samantha to anyone who wants help to overcome anxiety. It's given me a fresh outlook on life."

I am free of the eating disorder that ruled my life for so many years.

When I sought Samantha's help with my life long issues with food, I desperately hoped she could help me, but I didn't honestly believe that she would be able to. Thankfully, Samantha believed she could and I decided to put my trust in her. It was the best thing I could have done! The process took longer than it might have, as I didn't always do my homework. Working with Samantha is a team effort! Despite this, Samantha never once doubted my ability to change and gave her unconditional support throughout the process. In fact an appointment I nearly cancelled because I was so sure I couldn't change, turned out to be the most important session! Food no longer rules my life, I have reduced my weight significantly, but more than any of that I am free of the eating disorder that ruled my life for so many years. If you want help, but secretly fear that you are beyond help, then call Samantha today. She will have belief in you, even when you have none in yourself, and can show you how to change your life!

Being the independent person I lost nearly 20 years ago due to panic attacks.

Thank you Samantha for all your help, I now look forward to exploring many things again and being the independent person I lost nearly 20 years ago due to panic attacks. Thank you for everything, I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Thursday, August 31, 2017
I even slept on the way home across the Atlantic!

I went to see Samantha for fear of flying and anxiety leading up to my holiday. I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions and it was helpful having the MP3s to take with me and listen to in between sessions and while travelling. I was able to relax on flights – very happy to have enjoyed my holiday and the flying went well! I even slept on the way home across the Atlantic! Thanks for your help – very much appreciated.

My phobia completely controlled my life.

Before my appointments my phobia (of vomit) completely controlled my life. I wouldn’t go out very often, missed a lot of school due to being worried about catching a bug. But since my hypnotherapy I hardly even think of it, I can go out without having to plan and think about the risks of catching a bug. I’ve been able to continue with my job, which I was close to quitting due to my phobia. I can’t even remember the last time I had a panic attack. Sounds very cliche but it really has changed my life for the better!

Lyme Regis
Samantha made living worthwhile again.

At 46 and for the third time in my life I suffered from depression that floored me. My GP prescribed anti-depressants but I felt no better after 7 weeks and was resigned to life in the 'darkness'. After 1 session (of BWRT), a mere 60 minutes, I left with a smile so big my face hurt. It was so dramatic, I now refer to Samantha as 'Magic Lady'. As anyone who has suffered from depression knows, help is difficult to ask for and even harder to find without waiting for months. I have previously had counselling years ago. It didn’t work. In the past I also had psychiatric sessions which took many sessions and months off work. I am now completely off anti-depressants. I cannot express my gratitude for the life-line and help I received. Samantha made living worthwhile again.

I was able to completely cut out or reduce most of the pain killers I was taking.

I had suffered with terrible post shingle pain over the last two years, and at the time I first went to see Samantha I was on a lot of different pain killers. Over a few months Samantha taught me how to train my brain to look at pain in a different way. I was able to completely cut out or reduce most of the pain killers I was taking. Samantha also taught me self-hypnosis & I haven't looked back - I feel I have my life back again.

Helping me to continue sleeping soundly.

I thoroughly recommend Samantha as her help has resolved my long-term insomnia at a time I was despairing of sleeping through the night ever again. Her warm, calm professionalism instilled in me a sense of trust: I felt right from the start that Samantha knew exactly what she was doing and had the resources to shift this very deep-seated issue. I appreciated the fact that she is skilled in using hypnotherapy and BWRT - I felt that the combination of these two therapies was very effective in my case. I also liked the fact that Samantha gave me a wide variety of exercises to do at home, giving me the sense that my recovery was partly in my own hands. I now have a range of strategies that are helping me to continue sleeping soundly.

I literally feel that I’ve never smoked – amazing!

I never thought after a 30 year 25 or more a day habit that I would ever be able to give up smoking with such ease, but that is what has happened; I literally feel that I’ve never smoked – amazing!

Thank you for your help with my fear of heights.

Thank you for your help with my fear of heights. I’ve just been on the Spanish equivalent of Go Ape. We went across rope bridges, climbing walls, zip wires all about 15 - 20 feet off the ground…I loved every minute! I can't thank you enough.

I would recommend Sam to anyone that has any kind of fear or anxiety.

Hypnotherapy has really helped me to change the way I think completely – I no longer worry about someone being sick all the time…it doesn't even cross my mind now. It’s the best thing I've ever done! I now enjoy things like going on holiday a lot more because I don't have any anxiety beforehand - I can just enjoy looking forward to my trips. I would recommend Sam to anyone that has any kind of fear or anxiety.

I feel completely in control of what I'm eating.

I no longer think about food all the time and feel completely in control of what I’m eating. Sam was fantastic to work with – I found her hugely attentive and sympathetic.

Freedom from something which has trapped me for the majority of my life.

I attended sessions with Sam to overcome my fear of the’s been life changing. What a difference Sam has made! It’s a wonderful feeling and freedom from something which has trapped me for the majority of my life.

I found our sessions fun, positive and exciting.

I’m now able to relax more easily, I feel a sense of control over my emotions and a sense of feeling stronger at my core. I feel free, lighter and more hopeful. I found our sessions fun, positive and exciting…creative and colourful. I feel very grateful for the experience…thank you Sam.

Ottery St Mary
I now feel in control.

I don’t binge on junk food any more….I now feel in control. I eat normally and stay a constant weight instead of bingeing/reducing food intake constantly. I’m no longer afraid of change… I try new things willingly and sail through situations that would have knocked me back before. The whole experience has been very positive and empowering.

I have lost quite a lot of weight.

Hypnotherapy has helped change not only my lifestyle, but also my outlook on life as a whole…I have lost quite a lot of weight, and my attitude has also changed considerably for the better. Everything was very relaxing…I always felt safe and never vulnerable.

Thank you for helping me sort things out in my head and making me happy again.

Thank you for helping me sort things out in my head and making me happy again.Before I had hypnotherapy I would get very stressed and angry at silly things. This was having a negative impact on my home life and was destroying my relationship with my partner. I found the sessions really helpful and it worked! No stress…no anger! It’s improved my relationship with my partner, from the point where we were ready to split up to being a normal happy family again. Thank you for helping me sort things out in my head and making me happy again.

The results have been far beyond my expectations.

Hypnotherapy has really worked wonders for me – not only has it completely transformed my outlook on life, I’m now far more relaxed and more confident in everything I do. I feel like a different person! I also sleep much better…and no longer have nightmares, which were quite prolific. I really did not think that at the age of 76 I would ever get rid of these afflictions! The results have been far beyond my expectations.

I am so grateful to Samantha.

Thanks to Samantha I have managed to overcome things that I have been struggling with for years. I feel so much better in myself and feel that I can deal with so many things. I am so grateful to Samantha for helping me and teaching me some very useful coping mechanisms.

Samantha has totally turned my life around.

Samantha has totally turned my life around. I came to her not knowing where to start as life was really difficult and I felt in an awful place. She has taught me so much. I now have all the tools I need to carry on and live life in a far more positive way. I really don’t think I have ever felt so good. I am forever grateful.

I am now able to sleep at night.

My initial visit to Samantha was for a 'mind spa' which was a present from my son. This was such a lovely and relaxing session that I booked further appointments to help me with long standing sleep problems (30 years). With Samantha's guidance, assistance, strategies and advice with the added benefit of a CD, I am now able to sleep at night. A big thank you, Samantha.

The world feels a better place after working with Samantha.

I owe a massive thank you to Samantha for helping me deal with some deep rooted negative behaviours I have not been able to shift for a number of years. She has helped me change my thinking patterns and I now have a new positive calmer outlook on life and have finally been able to let go of some of the things that have been holding me back. The world feels a better place after working with Samantha and I now have a good understanding of myself and the person who I want to be and have the tools to do it. I would thoroughly recommend Samantha, she is kind, calm, understanding and professional with a huge amount of knowledge.

She's helped me overcome things I never thought I could.

I now have a completely different outlook on life. I've learnt how to look at the positive side of situations and how to stay calm when I'm under pressure. I would 100% recommend Samantha to anyone. She's helped me overcome things I never thought I could and everyone has noticed how calm and happy I am now.


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